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Thanks, Adam

by Leland King

How does the church deal with mental health issues?  We can create a safe place for those who struggle, but some struggles are deeper than others.  When mental illness hits your church

Autonomy, MY Way!

by Leland King

If churches could make up a perfect recipe for unity, one absolute essential ingredient would have to be understanding the importance of autonomy.  Some define unity as forcing everyone to think and act like them, and the word “autonomy” means nothing.  Religious groups whose various bodies are held together by “conformity” to a common creed don’t need […]

Is Self Defense a Christian Option?

by Leland King

The short answer is, ‘yes.’ To prove this, we have to look at a few topics that tie together. I. The Sanctity of Human Life Both the Old and New Testament teach that human life is given to us by God and we are to protect that life. Paul shows that our own life has […]

Who Are We To Judge?

by Leland King

I am a believer in God and a Christian, so these words reflect my own faith in God.  I use the Bible in this article to demonstrate my beliefs.  In recent days we have heard the word “judge” thrown around quite a bit.  To frustration or elation with Supreme Court judges, to accusations of people over […]

You Gotta THINK! (Why do churches die?)

by Leland King

We hear of how some churches in recent years have been losing numbers, or not growing like they once did. Everyone wants to throw in their idea about why this is happening.  Many believe it is because people aren’t being true to God’s Word like they used to be years ago.  Some will blame people […]

Today’s Athenians (Acts 17 revisited)

by Leland King

To all modern Epicureans and Stoics…   “Men and women of Postmodern America, I perceive that in every way you are interested in the spiritual realm. I can tell that in many ways you have a fascination and a longing for something higher than yourselves.  For as I passed along and listened to your music and watched your […]